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  • Shelby Woodbury

But I want to use my insurance...

Power Chiropractic is not in-network with insurance companies, but that doesn't mean you can't use your insurance to cover your appointments. Check out your options below and see why we have our system set up this way. I hope this answers any questions that you have, but if it doesn't, give us a call at 919-377-9805, email at, or set up a free initial consult at


  • Submit a SuperBill for reimbursement

  • Use your HSA/FSA card

  • Pay out of pocket


What is a SuperBill? Essentially, it’s a receipt with treatment codes. It provides the insurance company with the information they require.

How much will they reimburse me? That is dependent on your insurance. Don’t forget they’re going to deduct the co-pay.

Will I get reimbursed for wellness care? No, insurance only pays for active care and up to so many visits per year (depending on your policy). Once you reach your limit, you will have to pay out of your own pocket or use your HSA/FSA card. Wellness care is not required.

Do I have to pay upfront? Pay each visit as you come. You won't find outrageous care plans with upfront fees here.

Why aren't you in-network with my insurance? I work hard for it. This is a complex question that has many of answers. I want to do right by my patients, but I also want to get paid for my services. I like to spend extra time with each patient and look at the whole body as it's all connected. Doing those two things actually leads to less visits over time since we are addressing all of the issues along the kinetic chain. Insurance charges per service and dictates what I can and cannot do based on each individual policy (examples: rehab, extremity adjusting, and muscular therapy). By using the time of service pay method, the doctor can decide what therapies are necessary without extra cost to you.

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